My name is Maria, Im 34 years old. I work as a front desk agent in a hotel downtown full time with morning schedule but mostly evenings. Im an American citizen but original from Madrid ( Spain) .I’ve living in this area for 4 years and all my friends are Columbia students. Im friendly and easy to live with.

Roommate Perk

Im going to be mostly in my room, I won’t be loud, make parties or invite people over. I’ll be respectful and will respect the cleaning schedule or whatever other rules we implement for the well being of all the roommates.

Ideal roommate

I would prefer to live with other females but as soon as they are clean and respectful I wouldn’t mind to share the apartment with some males. I ask for the same I offer. Nice, friendly, mature and respectful roommates.
Deal breaker: Get into my room or get any of my things or belongings. People who doesn’t pay their rent or bills on time.

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