Hello, my name is Mariam! I’ve lived in NYC for 5 years, but I am originally from Boston. I am the Manager of Operations and Administrative Services at an education consultancy program within Columbia Law School. When I’m not I work, I like to weightlift, watch TV (specifically HBOMax – currently obsessed with Barry), and explore new places around the city with my friends. I do not have a pet but I love all furry friends.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that I am an excellent household manager. I know it sounds nerdy, but hear me out: I am the roommate who makes sure that the common rooms are being cleaned on a regular basis, who makes sure that we have enough cleaning supplies on hand, who is the first to change the toilet paper, update the grocery list, and generally maintain order and cleanliness in the home. (I also do get a bunch of free stuff from work. Last week I brought home 6 salads from DIG to my current roommates, and they were very happy about that).

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is a person of any gender who is friendly but allows us to have our own alone time. I prefer someone on the clean side, but I like to allow space for us to be human. Like if one of us is especially overwhelmed, sick or tired, I don’t mind if you’re behind on chores and I’d be glad to help. My biggest deal breakers are roommates who aren’t communicative, roommates who use your personal stuff without asking first, and roommates who constantly have large groups of people over.

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