Hi my name is Marlon and I am 29 years old. I am moving to New York because I just landed a job at NY1 News, which I am so excited for because I have always wanted to live and work in New York. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, going for walks and exploring new places, and hanging out and going to bars and restaurants with people but I also like to chill out and relax at home as I do watch a lot of TV. I am a big MCU fan and I just discovered the Sopranos which is my new favorite show.

Roommate Perk

I think my biggest roommate perk is the ability to read the dynamic of a place where I am staying and the people I live with. I had random roommates all throughout college, and it was very easy for me to assimilate into an environment. One year I moved into an apartment with 3 people who had been friends for a little while and it was really easy to get to know them and become part of their friend group. Another year I move in with 3 people who weren’t as close with each other but we were all ok with sharing space with each other and interacting every now and then (movie nights, Sunday dinner, etc). But for the most part we all kept to ourselves and had our own lives. I have learned that both scenarios are equally ok with me, which I guess makes me pretty chill and easygoing for the most part, with no real pet peeves (aside from cleanliness, which I feel everyone likes clean roommates so that’s a given).

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone close to my age. I have no preferences about gender or sex. I think it would be cool if I had roommates that I could hang out with and get along with in the shared space or if we went to do stuff every now then but also wouldn’t mind if I stayed in my room sometimes or did my own thing since we’re all adults and have our own lives.

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