I’m from a small beach town just south of Boston. I just graduated from MASSART with a degree in design and illustration. I like going to book stores, going to the movies, thrifting, and walking around the city. I have a tuxedo cat named “little girl” lol she’s friendly and curious, but if you’d prefer she leave you alone I’ll keep her mostly in my room with all of her food and toys!

Roommate Perk

Most of the day I’m at work, but when I’m home I tend to keep to my room. My sister lives in Queens, so I’ll be out of the apartment quite a while visiting her. So I don’t mind if someone likes taking over the kitchen for a while or taking up more space!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is a female that is fairly clean, isn’t afraid to communicate, doesn’t mind a kitten in the apartment, and has had good experiences living with others 🙂

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