I am from California and so is my entire family. I like to play guitar and occasionally video games in my free time. I am also a stand-up comedian, which is a main reason for wanting to move to New York. For work, I have been in the restaurant/service industry for the last few years. My most recent job was at a restaurant right outside of our neighborhood. I was dishwashing, hosting, helping out in the kitchen doing expo and pantry, even a little bit of bussing tables when they needed it.

Roommate Perk

I am tidy and i do not mind doing dishes. I don’t like when there are dishes in the sink so I normally get it done once I notice it. I am also always down to help out with something if someone needs help with something. I also am always down to hangout and if anyone wants to chill and watch a movie or go out for food or to go see a show I seldom pass up the opportunity.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate(s) is someone who is nice and easy to get along with. I like people who keep the common areas clean but don’t mind if your room is messy. I have been living in a house with five people, including myself, for the past 10 months and we have all gotten along and communicated with each other when the situation called for it. I do not care about the gender of my roommates.

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