Hi! My name is Max—I’m a NYC native, I love music, gaming, creativity and friendship.

I work in physical media manufacturing, using Adobe I setup custom packaging for clients in the music industry.

I’m a bit nerdy in my interests but have good overall social tact. It’s unlikely we wouldn’t be able to find common ground. Additionally, I’m clean, kind, responsible and always mindful of others!

I do not have a pet, but I love animals.

I’m very friendly and would ideally like a relaxed living situation where I could sometimes hang out with my roommates. I am generally introverted so I also would have no problem keeping to myself. I’m also flexible and always able to make the best of a situation.

Roommate Perk

Access to loads of free vinyl records, does not annoy easily, thorough cleaner/strong organization skills, tall/large person (move large furniture, reach anywhere), has basic knowledge of power tools, highly responsive

Ideal roommate

Open to most possibilities, but generally looking for professionals aged ~24-38. Roommates should be ideally vaccinated.

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