I’m from Dallas, Texas. I go to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where I’m a BFA Drama major going into my third year. I was in the musical theatre studio, but now I’m switching into directing and playwrighting. I’m really passionate about intersection al feminism, activism, social justice, and making the world a better place! I’m trying to be vegan, but I’ve been vegetarian my entire life. I’m Mexican-American of indigenous descent. I love art of all kinds and love to explore the city and watch shows or go to museums. I have a citibike pass and love biking. I do have a guitar and a keyboard, and will be playing them, but never at inappropriate times!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m very good about keeping common spaces clean. I don’t drink or smoke. I cook and bake a LOT (all vegan stuff). I’m a great listener, and I love doing activities like shopping (grocery, clothes, etc) or exploring with my roommates! I sometimes have people over, but I’m not a big party person.

Ideal roommate

I’d like a female roommate who is clean and nice and respectful! Another vegetarian or vegan would be nice, but as long as you respect my lifestyle, it’ll all be good 🙂 I love being supportive of my roommates/friends and would like having someone equally supportive. Non-smokers only, and please no one that drinks a lot! Oh, and only those on the left side of the political spectrum!

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