Hi! My name is McKenna and I am from Overland Park, Kansas but currently live in Utah! For work I am a bartender but also juggle wanting to pursue a dance career in addition to an art business. I have a very sweet cat named Cricket that will be moving with me to the city. In my free time I like to take dance and yoga classes, explore coffee shops with friends and work on my art. I love making time to be outside or at the park as well.

Roommate Perk

I tend to keep common spaces consistently clean and make banana bread at least once per month!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is female and also prefers a somewhat clean common area. I enjoy roommates that wish to be friends and would share a bottle of wine with me or listen to music together at the end of the day. No couples as roommates and ideally no men, especially no men over the age of 35. Roommates that are out of the house often are a plus, or roommates that also share dance or fitness related goals.

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