I am originally from a suburb outside of Los Angeles, California. I studied chemistry and biotech in undergrad and grad (masters), and just moved here to start a middle school science teaching job! I love to cook (although I often end up getting take out just for time constraints), but when I have time, I’m happy to make my roommates a nice home cooked meal! Otherwise I watch way more TV than I should, exercise exclusively in dance cardio classes, and sleep whenever humanly possible (naps are a girls best friend). I don’t have any pets currently, but do not mind well behaved dogs (cats can get iffy – my dad’s allergic, I haven’t noticed an allergy yet? But I have bad allergies in general, so it might be a no-go).

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk would be one that would be down for weird silly adventures together. I’m not saying big huge excursions, but for example, an old roommate and I used to get milkshakes from our favorite fast-food joint at like 2 in the morning, and the 20 min round trip was a constant sing-a-long to everything from Eminem to Luke Bryan to weird youtube songs that make no sense to anyone else. Someone who’s up for little adventures like that, that would be a real perk!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate can be male or female so long as you are chill and respectful of personal space. I may invite you into my room to hangout, but a roommate who thinks it’s okay to barge in unannounced or be in my room when I’m not home is a red-flag. I also like to keep my apartment pretty clean – I’ll leave a dish in a sink overnight if it’s just not a good time to get to it, but trash should be put away and taken out often, floors shouldn’t look like a tornado ran through, bathrooms… need to not feel like a health hazard. Otherwise, I’m cool if you want to mostly chill by yourself and not spend too much time hanging out, but I would prefer a roommate who is at least interested in knowing me and having the occasional conversation, just so that it’s not awkward when we run into each other in the kitchen or need to chat about apartment things.

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