Hi I’m Melayah. I’m originally from Jersey but I’ve kind of been all over. I lived in California for two years which was great, but the east coast is where my heart is at. I work at a higher end retail store in Manhattan so I’m usually not home during the day, even on my off days I like to be out with friends eating, at the park, or thrifting. A passion of mine is designing and creating clothes. My dream is to have my own successful brand with a small store in the city, so when I’m not working or out with friends I am working on that. I also take fashion classes at Parsons, but because of covid I am taking this semester off. I am a pretty shy person at first and like sticking to myself, but once I’m comfortable I am very outgoing. I love all kinds of music, I could vibe to anything, but my favorite genres are r&b and old school hip-hop.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperks are being a very kind, understanding person. I love to be there for people and give advice to make them feel better. Also I do sew I have two sewing machines and I could always fix, hem, alter anything you might need!

Ideal roommate

I’d prefer to live with all females or females & males. I do like to live in a clean place as well. I don’t really have any dealbreakers, but I don’t want to live with any close-minded or judgmental people.

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