I am originally from Long Island, NY. I moved to NYC roughly three years ago now. I am a tax accountant at a Big 4 accounting firm, so I am almost always working. I love to do yoga, play volleyball, or binge watch Netflix series during my down time. If I am not working on the weekends, I am normally traveling to a tournament or back home on Long Island to see my family. During football season, you will see me walking around in my Patriots jersey/gear – I take football very seriously. I also do have a dog – his name is Hugo and he is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. He’s normally always sleeping, but will cuddle with you at any chance he gets.

Roommate Perk

I have a lot of roommate perks – I weirdly love to clean. I bake cookies around the holidays from scratch. I’m never home during the weekends, but I am always there if you need someone to talk to/talk through something that happened that day.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone that I could get along with living with each other, but not that awkward forced friendship if we don’t have common interests. We could also end up being best friends at the end of living together too. I do love to try different restaurants or workout classes and would totally be down to explore the city more if my roommate wanted to. My deal breaker would be someone who is messy in common spaces.

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