I came from Taiwan and moved to NYC four years ago. I’m a full time Baruch college student and studying in graphic design and business communication. Besides going to school I tutor Mandarin/Math here and there. During the break I work for UNICEF to save some babies! I love exploring good food (hot pot is my favorite) and beautiful parks in the city.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I always clean after myself, down to talk about life, make amazing avocado eggs with bacon on top. I respect ppl’s opinion and easy to communicate. I would like to have a home is safe, relaxing and warm. Never stay in the bathroom more than 30 mins but if I want to take a long bath I will give a heads up lol.

Ideal roommate

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN roommates is the most important. Clean after using the kitchen and the bathroom.
A roommate who cares about other ppl, willing to share things like pots and pans, take the trash out automatically, able to social and communicate. Overnight guest is fine but a heads up will be great!

NO guests stay overnight so frequent that is like living in the apt. NO loud music or loud phone talking after 12am.
NO food is clogging the sink. NO weird things on the toilet seat or in the toilet. NO hair in bathtub.

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