I am born and raised in New York City. I watch sports, t.v, and movies. I also play games when I get the chance.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I am very laid back. I’m not loud nor am I messy. I pretty much just go to work and then come home to relax. I can be sociable but not to the point where others are uncomfortable. I am always respectful of one’s space. I’ve been in college living with two other people in one room, so I am accustomed to having roommates.

Ideal roommate

Generally speaking, I don’t have an ideal roommate. People live how they live so I don’t really mind a lot of things. However, as long as their actions don’t have any effect on me personally such as someone garbage near me. These are just small pet peeves of mine but in conclusion, I am not as picky.

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