Born and raised in the Bronx. Went to college in Ohio for four years before returning back to NYC. Hoping that I can continue to live in/near my hometown. I’m super into languages (i speak 4) and appreciate good art. I’m usually home in my room after work cuz I really am big on self care/solitude. I’m also queer if that matters at all. I don’t have any pets but i love cats if anyone was wondering. Lastly, I’m pretty friendly and supportive if you need help w anything at all.

Roommate Perk

Room mate perk is that I won’t be home most of the time since I’m working in the office 50/60 hrs a week.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate is friendly, doesn’t bring too many people at home, is transparent and responsible. Does not cause any trouble in the apartment or around the building.

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