I like to work random part or full time jobs. I don’t have a career set in my mind so I’m just exploring different possibilities. I’m still taking online courses from my local community college back home. I’m aiming for a Bachelor Arts of English degree. In my free time I love to read comic books and play puzzle games.

Roommate Perk

I consider myself a very good listener. I’m more than happy to be a shoulder to cry or vent on. I’m most likely going to be working as much hours as I can to support myself so you will not see me often. If I’m ever home, I try my absolute best to not be a bother and keep to myself. I might make small talk sometimes but that’s because I’m so curious about learning new things.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is somebody who doesn’t judge others and shows compassion. We are all going through a difficult time so I don’t understand why we must put each other down. You must be supportive of lgbt community and black lives matter. I’m myself am transgender. I was assigned female at birth but I identity as non-binary. If you have any problems with this do not speak to me.

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