Hey guys! I am a 26 year old recent college grad from Hunter College. I am originally from Long Island (born and raised) but during school I moved to the City and decided to stay and forge my career here. I am a clinical therapist now, for a non-profit agency in Harlem and I am ready to start new roots living in Harlem too. Some things about me are that I love to read, I watch anime and horror films, and I am a HUGE MCU fan (Disney has taken a lot of my money lol). I’m honestly pretty introverted at first, but when you get to know me, you’ll find I’m a pretty chill and caring person. Oh! and I play video games.

Roommate Perk

I guess my roommate perk is that I don’t bother, Im clean and tidy, and I don’t mind sharing (just ask). I am a therapist, so people find it easy to talk to me. Also, I’m incredibly open and understanding ( I am a proud Ally and advocate for equality everyday), so, you could talk to me about almost anything. I’m not confrontational… and I’m very honest.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates would be chill like me, clean and able to express themselves as needed. I prefer to live all girls, just for comfort and safety reasons. I would love roommates who live there own lives but also wouldn’t mind building our own relationship in our home (maybe a movie night sometimes, or something). I don’t care if people are over to visit or if you play your music in your room. It would be a dealbreaker if someone had a boyfriend or significant other over everyday to point that he practically lived there. I would love a roommate that was willing to decorate and supply the common areas with me. But mostly, I just need someone whose nonjudgmental, cleanily, doesn’t mind me smoking in my room (or someone who is 4/20 friendly too) and doesn’t hog the bathroom too much in the mornings.

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