Hello! I am originally from the Dominican Republic and have lived in the US for 6 years. I am a graphic designer and illustrator and work in Manhattan (2 days in-office, 3 days from home). As a roommate, I usually keep to myself (but will chat your ear off every once in a while!), I wash my dishes immediately after I use them, and aside from having a friend over once in a blue moon, I barely have visitors.

Some fun facts about me:
Musical theatre is my favorite music genre, cats are my favorite animal, I’m not the best cook but I try my best.

Roommate Perk

I’ve picked up baking during quarantine and will share my treats with my roomies. (My favorite thing to bake is cheesecake bars! :D)

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is a woman, although I am open to men as well if it’s a good fit! I’d like to live with someone who cleans up after themselves and cooperates around the house (I will do the same!)

Dealbreakers: a rude, disrespectful, or inconsiderate roommate.

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