I’m a 26 y/o design consultant originally from Houston and have been living in Philly for almost 8 years. I have a background in fashion design and work primarily in UX, so i get along with creatives pretty easily or anyone willing to have a thought-provoking discussion about sustainability issues, multi-culturalism, and urbanism. My favorite artists include Logic, 88 rising, and Mura Masa, and my favorite shows are reality television like the Bachelor (guilty pleasure). I like to have a social life but I don’t really bring it home unless it’s for a casual board game or movie showing. Not into ragers or throwing too many parties. I like to cook and share recipes, and I’m super clean (ask any of my roommates). I’m also allergic to pets and don’t smoke.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I love a clean house. I never leave dishes in the sink and I sweep my house every day.

Ideal roommate

I would love to live with other females around my age that are working professionals that wouldn’t mind an occasional brunch with me! My biggest pet peeve are people that constantly have visitors over, or folks that don’t clean up after themselves in the kitchen. I also can’t do pets (I’m allergic) and I don’t smoke (non-negotiable).

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