Hi I’m Nadine. I am 29 and British and am an actor/writer/remote accent teacher. I love colder weather and reading, I love to cook and have recently taken up knitting, journaling and photography. My survival job is as an usher at an off-Broadway theatre so most evenings I’m not about. I’m fairly quiet and keep to myself but love to have a nice conversation and cook for someone or discuss something I’ve just read. I enjoy looking for scented candles and watching new films or shows.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I love to cook but am incapable of cooking for one! So if you’re back from work late I’ve probably left something in the fridge that’s up for grabs! I’m a good listener too and if it’s really that bad I’ll bust out the good tea for a chat.

Ideal roommate

My only thing is wanting a clean bathroom! I love to relax in the bath so that’s my only thing. My ideal roommate is just someone who is respectful when it comes to bills, cleanliness (we all leave dishes in the sink occasionally!) and noise. Just someone down to earth and open to perhaps watching a new show together. I’m quite quiet so won’t be on anyone about that. That’s about it!

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