Heyy y’all! I am a recent finance grad from Boston, going to start my first job in NY. I will be working as a financial analyst at New York City Housing Authority. I’m a Sagi! I love to watch sitcoms, horror, thriller, and romance series, I’m a series person! We can binge-watch together, cook great food, or order. Sometimes go out at night for a snack or a dessert. I also like to play board games, go for a walk..

Roommate Perk

I make amazing pasta and Indian food if you like xD!! Really good listener If you wanna talk about literally anything, We can rant about it any time of the day or night. I like to keep the place clean, and give you your own space as well!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone who likes to keep common spaces clean and respects everyone’s privacy when needed. I would like it if we talked and hung out once in a while after work. Other than all that I respect the way they are and how they like to live. 🙂

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