I am from the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia). I am concluding my time as a student at Barnard for the time being to focus on completing cosmetics school. I am training to become a nail tech this summer. I am currently still employed by my school and I work for the theatre department at the moment. I’m going to be working as a caterer while I finish up nail school in the next month. For fun I enjoy poetry specifically spoken word and also work at the non-profit Urban Word to engage in creative writing within the city. I do additional freelance writing and teaching of writing workshops for programs both in and out of state.

Roommate Perk

I have no problem washing dishes for other people/ helping out with chores. I am additionally easygoing and generally pleasant to be around. I enjoy cooking and sharing food if others are looking for a meal or snack and also as I am training to be a nail tech- can offer discounted full sets of nails. It would be a win-win, I get more practice and my roommates could get a cheap and easy mani pedi!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who helps create a safe environment to live in. For me as a person with marginalized identities I hope to live with people who treat queer Black women with respect. It would be nice to room with other Black women or queer POC, but ultimatley anyone who will treat me with respect as an individual would be great. Other than that I would prefer generally clean roommates, I don’t mind if it gets messy and if it gets overwhelming I don’t mind being the person to clean up, but so long as everyone can agree to basic upkeep and consistent maintenance of our shared environment im not too picky. Im not really looking for friends in my roommates but I would appreciate being able to spend time together comfertably and create a positive atmosphere where everyone can feel somewhat at home. I don’t mind music or other noises too much either.

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