Last month I got a job at a research firm in the city, Third Bridge, after I got back from Cusco, Peru, where I taught English for 9 months. Before that, I studied business administration in Germany.

I love to read and I love history, and I’m looking to live with another person/people – I really prefer to have people around when I get home after work, and be in a social environment. I have a dry sense of humor and drink a lot of coffee. I like to get out of bed at midday on the weekend, and I like to go out once every week or two. Would like to work for the Foreign Service one day (if I can get in).

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is my winning smile. I’m a great listener. I’m really relaxed.

Ideal roommate

I ideally would like to live with a mix of boys/girls, but either way, I prefer that my roommates are active. Also like to be able to hang out with roommates here and there. Cleanliness-wise, I draw the line at really strong, weird smells and if there are living things where there shouldn’t be. No pet mice or cockroaches and we’re all good.

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