My name is Nick, I was born in Russia and immigrated here to the States at an early age, so I don’t have an accent but can speak both languages. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for majority of my life. I’m a software engineer and I currently work remotely for a company based in NYC. Now that COVID is wrapping up, I will be moving into the city to work at the office. My hobbies include videogames, playing tabletop, working on personal software projects, doing martial arts (krav maga), and I tend to lead a pretty active lifestyle.

Roommate Perk

I am very clean, not loud, and respectful towards others and their property. I am open-minded and don’t judge others. I tend to be pretty active and work a lot so I won’t be home that much. I am financially responsible.

Ideal roommate

I prefer male, but am fine with female roommates. Cleanliness is appreciated although I’m not OCD about it. I like lower noise levels, especially at night. I prefer people that are respectful and considerate of others. I don’t mind occasional guests and parties. Deal breakers would be anyone stealing food or personal items.

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