My name is Noal. I am originally from Germany. I moved to Boston in 2019 to start studying at Hult International Business School in East Cambridge. I studied in Boston for a year and then moved abroad to London as I completed a semester abroad. After that, I moved to Dubai for the summer as I took summer classes at our campus there and then moved back to Boston to complete my studies. I love to travel. Because of my studies, I am used to living and studying with different people from all over the world as my college was 99% foreigners. I grew up in Germany, where I went to a math and science-based Highschool and was a cheerleader captain. Besides that, I engaged in social work and tutored children with a migration background for free. In addition, I worked at Tatte (a bakery) and Superdry (a clothing store) in college. Besides traveling, I love meeting new people, reading books, and working out.

Roommate Perk

I never used to be home a lot last semester as I was working three jobs (Tatte, Superdry, work on campus), finishing my college degree, and writing my bachelor thesis. The job in NYC also has extended hours, so I believe that will stay the same. I like to cook and bake or hang out with my roommates when I am home.

Ideal roommate

I value cleanliness and communication. I’d like to know beforehand when or if people are coming over. With cleanliness, I mean no dishes staying in the sink; everyone is clearing up after themselves in common areas. There should be an arrangement regarding the cleaning of the common areas. For example, the bathroom should be clean at all times, hair should be removed, and the toilet should be spotless.
I have only lived with women so far. I would preferably live with young professionals who also are in an entry-level position or work. I don’t want to live with anyone who smokes inside the house.

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