My name is Noe Lebanidze. I was born in New York in the year 2000 but I have mostly lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and various locations in Westchester County since 2012. This year I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy of history and just landed a job at the CCRB as an investigator, though I plan to apply to law school long-term. I’m passionate about politics but I’m generally easygoing and not zealous. My favorite sport is tennis and I like cats but I will not be bringing any with me to the apartment.

Roommate Perk

I don’t make a lot of noise, I like to clean things up, and I offer a helping hand to others when it’s appropriate. .

Ideal roommate

All I ask of roommates is to be considerate of others space and not do awkward things that make life harder for everyone else. Of course, I would prefer to have roommates that are friendly and congenial but that is not essential. As long as you don’t make things hard for me I’m more than satisfied.

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