Hi! I was born and raised in Detroit, MI but currently live in Boston, MA. For work, I am a pre-k teacher and love spending time with my students! I also am a private chef, and yoga instructor on the side. I love to stay active and adventurous, I am quite spontaneous. I enjoy music, art, traveling, and reading, I like to call myself ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ I have a 1-year-old cat right now, her name is Nemu. She’s very social, warm, and inviting, and will have an infinite amount of love for you if you give her some food. The way to her heart is through her stomach. I am very much extroverted and a people person, and am always looking for ways to help people.

Roommate Perk

My #roomateperk is that I am accommodating and respectful of everyones needs/boundaries. If you don’t want me home a lot, I can do that! If you need me to clean the apartment, I can do that! Whenever I cook, I always cook for a group so I can assure you meals every day regardless of if you want them or not, they’ll always be there for when you do want them!

Ideal roommate

I don’t know that I have an ideal roommate, other than someone who is financially stable/ responsible and would be okay with me having guests over from time to time. Someone who is reasonably clean or willing to keep the apartment to some level of cleanliness would be amazing.

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