My name isĀ Olivia, I’m 23 years old, and I’m a graphic designer currently working for a branding studio in New York. I love TV, music, film, and stand up comedy. I like to go out on weekends with my friends and explore the city, go to bars/comedy clubs/concerts, but I also enjoy a night in making dinner, drinking some wine and watching a movie. I would say I’m pretty social and can be outgoing, but I also enjoy quiet time at home.
Roommate Perk
#Myroommaterperk is that I’m a pretty clean person when it comes to communal spaces, and I love to cook. I also will always have a TV or music recommendation if you need.
Ideal roommate
I am only interested in living with a girl. I would ideally like a roommate who keeps shared spaces clean (doesn’t have to be anal about it though). I would prefer a roommate that is open minded (feminist, not biggoted, etc.).

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