I go by Olivia Nicole, but Liv for short. I am of bajan, trini and puerto rican descent. I am a former fashion student who studied fashion merchandising and business management at FIT. I’m currently taking a break from school to focus on my other passions in music and beauty. I currently work as a Case Investigator for the State of NJ Public Health Department. Type of things I’m into: art (creating or going to exhibits), trying new food places (I’m also vegetarian), bar hopping on weekends, shopping (retail therapy is self care), going on adventures, going to the gym (health is wealth) and astrology (I do birth chart readings, so if you would like to be read to fifth, lmk! lol). I have an outgoing personality and easy to get along with. I am a great communicator and love to listen and give advice. I am a clean person, but not a total neat freak. I always clean up after myself and common areas. I am LGBTQ+ friendly, 4/20 friendly. I drink socially (I love me a good glass of wine and boozy brunches on the weekend) and I do love hookah!

Roommate Perk

#roommateperks: loves to cook and drink wine, doesn’t mind being friends, a great listener

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone who respects my space and boundaries, however I would love to be friends with my roommate. I prefer roommates who are 4/20 and hookah friendly. I am looking for roommates who are outgoing, have some of the same interests as me (music, fashion, beauty, working out, exploring the city) and also some roommates who have different interests than me, because it keeps things interesting, plus I love learning about new things. I do not have a preference of gender for roommates. I prefer roommates who are clean (they do not have to be neat freaks but just be mindful of themselves and their spaces). I also would like roommates who does not mind overnight guests or day time company, as I do love to have friends over once or twice a month.

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