My name is Olivia and I’m an 18 year old heading out to NYC for my first year of college! I’ll be studying Criminal Justice at Pace University, and I’m so excited to be independent. I currently stay in Massachusetts, and have always loved to be on my feet. I’m employed at 2 restaurants and have done Shotokan Karate for 12 years, and love exploring new sceneries. I grew up with multiple pets around me and enjoy any and all animals, as well as including those around me in any adventures I take. I have always loved the city, specifically night time over day, and tend to listen to music during any activities I may be doing!

Roommate Perk

My favorite offer I have as a roommate is that I can cook! I graduated from a Technical school and their Culinary Arts program, and have been working as a line cook in an Italian restaurant located in my city. I enjoy putting together plates for others to enjoy, and I continue to see Culinary being a big part of my future! I’m also the type of person who values forming bonds with roommates, but I also understand and respect the need for quiet and personal time.

Ideal roommate

I don’t expect much aside from the basics expected as a roommate. I would appreciate a roommate who shares the same gender, female, and is roughly around the same age. I believe having common experiences and life stages could create a better and easier connection. I wish for a friendly roommate who is communicative and open about their thoughts and feelings. They’re willing to discuss concerns, but also have an understanding of my personal views, as well as the importance of personal boundaries. Personal space and time is a necessity for all, and I hope to be roomed with people who agree with that statement and will respect it. I really am looking for a roommate who enjoys socializing and going out, which could lead to shared activities or outings! And what I look for most in a roomate is one who values cleanliness and contributes to keeping the shared space organized.

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