So I am Omar, I am from Egypt; grew up down the street from the Pyramids. I went to Franklin & Marshall College in PA and graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Math. I’ll be working as a Math teacher in Harlem. I love sports, especially soccer, watching movies, playing video games, working out and reading!

Roommate Perk

Good listener, good sense of humor, a trove of random trivia facts, loves to clean and help, always down to hang

Ideal roommate

I don’t really have any preference when it comes to gender. I think cleanliness is important; we should clean the common spaces always. I would like my roommates to be kind of social but it isn’t a deal breaker. I think the only deal breaker for me is refusing to communicate, communication and ground rules are super important! And it goes both ways, if I do something that upsets/annoys my roommate, I’d love nothing more than for them to communicate that to me!

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