I was born and raised in Westchester County where I currently work from home as a medical assistant. I earned a bachelor’s in economics from Pace University in Lower Manhattan. Economics is my passion and I hope to one day work implementing public policy for the service of others. I like to jog and go to the gym in my spare time, and I am planning to begin MMA training when I join NYC. I also like to read, particular interest in history and politics. I have 3 cats and a bulldog but thankfully none of them will be joining me in my move. Looking to also learn how to dance and to join some community service organizations.

Roommate Perk

I love to cook, and I continue on planning to do that when I move in, I am not much for spending too much money on unnecessary items like restaurants or bars. I feel I am a pretty empathetic person and people tell me I am a good listener, so if any communications needs arrive, like conflicts, or discussions, I feel I am well equipped to handle those. I love to clean and do dishes in my free time and I am pretty adaptable to any situation that requires a serious discussion or a fun club.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is respectful and empathetic; race, gender, and nationality mean nothing to me. I only ask that the common area be kept clean and presentable, how your room looks is your business. The only thing that I ask is that all smoking be done outside, nicotine or otherwise.

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