A bit about me: I’m a journalist working in Midtown Manhattan, and currently live in the Central Park North/Morningside area. I’m originally from Wisconsin, and lived in Cardiff, U.K. for five years as well. I’m clean, tidy, quiet, very respectful of the needs of others. I’m very busy with work during the week, but like to go out and enjoy the weekends. I’m more than up for hanging out and catching up, but also like to do my own thing. I’m responsible, pay on time, more than happy to establish a cleaning schedule so we all equally contribute to the general upkeep of the apartment, etc and so forth. I don’t smoke, don’t have any pets, and won’t bring the party back to the apartment. My passions are global travel, reading, working out, studying French (just started lessons at FIAF), live music, good food and sports.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m easy going, quiet when home, happy to hang out or give you your space, open-minded, clean, and I like to be out as much as possible.

Ideal roommate

I’m open to either male or female roommates, straight or gay (I’m straight, but have lived with gay men in the past and we got along great). For me, more than anything, I’d like a roommate who works 9-5 and therefore maintains a somewhat similar schedule, is willing to contribute money towards housing supplies, is willing to establish a set cleaning schedule and stick to it, and is relatively quiet and respectful of those they live with. I go out, but I don’t bring the party home and would kindly request my future roommate does the same. I did not have that in the past year, as two of my roommates were loud, did not clean their dishes, and barely contributed to the general upkeep and cleanliness of the place in which we lived. This is not fair, nor acceptable. I’m very easy going, but that is a definite deal-breaker for any future roommate.

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