This is Pejman, I am a 31 years old PhD student at CCNY, studying organic chemistry. I spend my free time either out with friends or behind my laptop, either playing or watching something. I also am a fan of group games like board games, poker and such. Currently my ex and I (living together until the lease ends, have a cat. I prefer if the cat stays with me but it is not a hard must.

Roommate Perk

Masterchef, leaves in the morning comes in the evening, Loves to keep the place clean if he is not the only one doing it.

Ideal roommate

I want someone who is clean and keeps the communal space clean, is easy to talk to but does not try to seek all their human interactions from the roommates. Also I prefer someone who is not passive in maintenance, if some minor repair is needed. I want someone who helps taking care of the problem.

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