My name is Prerna, a 22 year old new to the city! I am originally from India but have lived in Singapore for most my life. I came to the US in 2016 to do my Bachelors in Molecular Genetics at the University of Rochester. I graduated in May ( COVID ruined graduation :(( ) and just moved to NYC for work. I am doing Cancer research at Weill Cornell Medicine and hope to enroll into Med School afterwards 🙂 I love to be outdoors and explore new places but at the same time enjoy a laid back night in watching movies/ listening to music – maybe even with a glass of wine sometimes. Waiting for things to get better so I can start playing sports/going to the gym again. Love to meet new people and make new friends. (I am also new in the city and don’t know anyone)

Roommate Perk

I love to bake whenever I have time – will happily try to make new things if my roommates want something. I am the type of person who is always available to talk/listen if needed and would love to have a close relationship with my roommates – where we can get together every now and then and keep up with how things are in each others lives (if they want that as well). I am very easy going and get along with everyone. I am also very big on being clean and love organizing.

Ideal roommate

I love people who are easy going who love meeting new people and making new friends. This is an important quality I’d like my roommates to have, someone who loves having friendly chats and casual hangouts out with one another from time to time. Potentially even get together for movie nights or dinner/drinks every now and then. I would like to live with someone who respects the roommates and their boundaries. I am currently partially working from home and I hope that my roommate understands this, and is does not create nuisance in the house in terms of playing loud music or creating disturbance in general. Being in the middle of a pandemic I just hope the roommates are being safe and don’t invite huge number of people at home but I am complete fine to having friends/partners over. A person who is a working professional in corporate/academia or a student would be ideal in this regard. The biggest dealbreaker would be being unclean/not cleaning after themselves (in regards to the common spaces) and being disrespectful.

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