My name is Quaadira Robinson, but most people call me Q, I work full time overnights as a security guard and I also go to school full. I’m very small person but my biggest obsession is food I enjoy eating out at the most random restaurants this could be anything from fast food, 5-star, mom and pop or your hole in the wall restaurants. One thing funny and me being a foodie is I enjoy eating and sharing food, but I suck at cooking anything I pretty much only know how to boil an egg which of course is ironic :D. Some perks about me is my quietness and cleanliness I tend to stay to myself so much so sometimes people forget I even exist because I’m always busy with work/school and ofc cleaning, my biggest pet peeve is a messy person!

Roommate Perk

*I’m a giver did you run out of soap? I have an extra bar to spare.
*Quit I’ll mostly be outside

Ideal roommate

*Clean person is my *number one*
* I don’t mind guest just communicate and be considersrate
* I don’t care about the gender
*Bring a whole zoo of pets I love them all <3 *Quite but I don't mind a party every so often * no smoking inside

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