I’m in the process of transitioning from Cleveland, OH (go Cavs, go Browns, go Tribe!) to NYC for a new job. I work in communications/public relations for a living, having previously worked within a women’s association and am now joining a firm/agency. I do my best to have a decent work-life balance and when I’m not working, you can find me with my cat Albus (yes, absolutely an HP reference), enjoying a beer or a glass of wine, trying out a new bookstore or restaurant, boxing/working out, or ruminating over that poorly written, unearned ending for Game Of Thrones.

Roommate Perk

Hmmm #myroommateperk would either be that I am always down to cook or find good find, (try to) have a great sense of humor, and am happy to be just a roommate or a friend.

Ideal roommate

I prefer to live with other females, but am adaptable and can do either! Personality wise – someone that is clean, but laid-back, and considerate, communicative, and friendly!

Apartment applying for