Hey guys! My name is Ramya Chunduri, and I am moving to New York to go back to school (Master’s in Science in Social Work) at Columbia. I am going to be working in the pediatric oncology field after graduation. At the moment though, i’ll be a full time student, with field placement, and work on top of that. I’ll be really busy, but usually like to study either in my room or at a library. When I’m at home, I like to read, watch netflix, experiment with recipes (food and desserts) and hang out with friends. That’s something else– I don’t mind the cordial roommate relationship, but I would hopefully like to be friends with my roommates!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I love making brownies, and i’m totally up for a cleaning schedule and to pick up slack here and there with regards to that. I also like to dance and take certain classes so i’ll definitely be your gym buddy/try new classes with you. Also, I’ll listen to any work rants/rants in general. (:

Ideal roommate

I need female roommates due to religious reasons! I am vegetarian also because of religious reasons so the only thing I ask is to not borrow my dishes, etc and to clean the stove/microwave etc after using it.
I am very clean, so I would appreciate a cleaning schedule especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom so mold, bugs, etc doesn’t appear.

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