I’m a 30+ year-old working professional at a non-profit, doing all things operations and data analysis. I’m originally from Cambodia but have lived outside of the country most of my life, finding this part of my life here in NYC and loving it. I’m a very relaxed ambivert who likes company of friends as much as alone time. I have a range of hobbies from aerial yoga, aikido, and traveling to reading, writing, painting, and playing computer games. I have no pets of my own but have grown up with plenty of them around so I’m very comfortable with most animals and love them. During warmer months, I tend to be out with friends around the city or the many, many parks, and on colder months, I occasionally have a friend or two over for dinner.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m a very neat and clean person and clean up after myself almost right away. I’m very quiet, so you’d barely hear me even if I come home late at night. I’m a good listener and keep myself very drama-free. I’m easy to communicate with and very easy-going.

Ideal roommate

I prefer female roommates but am fine with a co-ed living as long as everyone is respectful of each other and the shared spaces. I would like to live with those who are mature, responsible, and easy to communicate with. No frequent parties or regular over-night visitors (occasionally is fine– like a friend from out of town or a few friends over dinner sometimes). I cannot stand strong smells, so my roommates would have to be those who are very mindful of helping me keep the house clean.

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