My name is Raziel Cruz, 20 years old and I work as an assistant manager at Safeguard Self Storage. We count as an essential business if you’re worried about job security. Despite that being my line of work, I am an artist at heart, so i’m currently working on my portfolio to go back to school for next year fall semester! 🙂

Roommate Perk

Since I’m sure I am going to be busy with work as well as school duties, I suppose i’m going to be a bit of a hermit. However I would call myself a bit of an extrovert so if anyone is down to have common room board game nights or something I’m always down! I consider myself a pretty tidy person, and prefer open communication.

Ideal roommate

I could care less about someone’s gender, I just would prefer a roomate who’s clean, respectful, and willing to listen to the other occupants of the home.

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