I’m originally from NYC, born and raised! Went to Northeastern University for college in Boston for 5 years, Finance/Marketing major with a Masters in Finance. I currently am a Senior Marketing Analyst at an e-commerce apparel company down in Financial District. I tend to leave the apartment around 8AM and come back from 7pm. Some nights later since I tend to get dinner or do happy hour in the city and then come back to Queens. Or you can find me hanging out on Austin street. I’m a very sociable and respectful person and can tend to make it work with any potential roommate as long as they are respectful and relatively quiet.

Sundays are the main day you’d fine me in the kitchen doing any cooking/meal prep for the week.

As for personal pleasures, I like to play Tennis, watching TV, especially all the Housewives on Bravo and Bachelor/Bachelorette, and hanging out with friends. I’m always down to watch a show with a roommate!

Occasionally I would have a guest stay over, if a friend is visiting. However I would be trying to get the room with a bathroom in it, therefore we would be separated from bothering any of the other roommates.

Roommate Perk

#myroommateperk is that I come with a toaster oven and a crock pot! And if I’m baking any goodies I always make sure there’s enough left for the roommates 🙂

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate would be someone in their late 20’s early 30’s that is a working professional like I am. Would be great if we could be friends, maybe once in a while split a bottle of wine. However while also giving personal space. Definitely would require a roommate that keeps the communal areas clean, doesn’t leave dishes for days, etc.

Preferably would like to live with females but can be open to a male if they are friendly, respectful, and clean.

Some deal breakers would be someone who likes to blast music all the time and that has a pet since I am extremely allergic to cats and slightly to dogs.

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