My name is Reisz, and I was raised Tennessee then moved to Orange, California, where I lived for about 5 years. I recently moved to New York for work and have been working on a television show for the past 4 months. I am production assistant so my hours, on the days I work, are long. Sometimes I do freelance work for other companies and depending on the day those days are not as long. I enjoy watching television, of course, and going to the movies. I also read a lot. I am definitely a home body but enjoying going out with friends when I’m free. I am still learning about the city, and finding my way around. I work out a lot and stretch when I am. I try to eat healthy, but don’t always succeed. I do not currently have a pet but am open to roommates having one. I do not smoke or drink. I typically don’t stay up too late and get up on the earlier side of the mornings, especially on days I work. I am very respectful, organized, considerate, and try to be quiet.

Roommate Perk

I like to cook and definitely cook more than I can ever eat. I go to concerts and try to go to theater shows so I know where to find cheap tickets. I am a great listener and am always down to talk or hang out. I’m very empathic and can relate to a lot of things.

Ideal roommate

I am open to any gender roommate. I would like someone relatively neat and organized. I am very laid back and am not super picky about things. No real deal breakers for me. I just want someone who could respect my weird work hours as I get up early and come home late. Beyond that I am very open to anyone.

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