I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia, and moved to NY for college in 2016. I’m a writer and actor, focusing on queer media and intersectionality. When I’m not on a set or writing, I’m usually watching movies or listening to music. I also play bass guitar and draw, I very much love being involved in art. I think it makes the world go round.
I love languages and if I could I’d listen to different conversations all day. I’m an extrovert and love meeting new people, but I also like to have my downtime and just relax.
I love animals but don’t have one of my own. I don’t mind if a housemate does.

Roommate Perk

I love to cook and I always make leftovers + extras for whoever is up for some.
Being from Melbourne, I make fantastic coffee AND I know all the good coffee spots.

Ideal roommate

Ideal housemate would be someone queer. I don’t have a gender preference but I’d prefer not to be with cis straight men. I do not mind if they are gay/bi and cis, or they are straight but trans. I would prefer trans people and openly queer people.
I need someone who can communicate with me so that we can avoid arguments. I’d rather talk out our problems before they become problems.
I would like to bring home friends or partners, so I need someone okay with that. I am not the type to host parties but I don’t mind if my housemate does so.

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