Hi, my name is Rijuta, I am from India but I have been living on Long Island for the last couple of years. I am moving to the city to work at the Columbia Research Center and I am very excited to live in the city. I love all things fun! I am usually an early riser during the week. I like to meditate and enjoy the quiet before the day gets crazy busy. I am pretty social and would love to have a great relationship with my roommates but I also need space and respect other’s need for space too.

Roommate Perk

I love to clean and have cozy spaces in the house! I clean when I am stressed, which is more often then not. I am great conversationalist, I love to learn about other cultures, music (all languages) and food. I also love going to shows, comedy clubs and bars on a weekend.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommates would be hard working and social people. A good work-life balance is important for me. Added bonus would be a social roommates who also likes to explore the city and have cozy shared spaces.

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