I am an all around entertainer. I sing, dance, act, emcee, and choreograph. My dream is to be on Broadway and make it big in the entertainment industry. I do not have specified job at the moment because I am still transitioning from St. Louis to NYC. I have been here for a month trying to find a place and everything else will come after. I have a few leads on jobs and as they come in I will update but as of right now I’m trying to make sure I have a place to stay for these jobs. I have a few gigs lined up already so the funds are starting to come in I just need to make sure I am here for them.

Roommate Perk

I am an all around entertainer so my vibe is always good. I am a believer as well so that’s a plus. I cook, usually for myself lol but if we ever want to collaborate on meals I’m good with that. I like to get to know people but there are times when I enjoy being alone. I am an entertainer so you will catch me working on my craft a lot. Whether it is stretching, singing, practicing the piano or whatever. I don’t think I will become annoying but if I ever am just let me know and I will respect your wishes. When it comes to me practicing I will always be mindful of others in the room so that I’m not disturbing the peace.

Ideal roommate

I prefer someone who is clean and nice. I don’t want someone who smokes in the house, but of course you can take care of that outside. I don’t have a preference on pets as long as you clean up after the pet we should be good. I don’t care about guests long as you are respectful. If its a big group I just ask for a heads up but I don’t mind visitors.

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