I was born and raised in NYC – Stuyvesant Town, then Peter Cooper Village. I have a twin sister who lives in Vermont. We were very close growing up, but we became very different and don’t talk much now. We went to the United Nations International School from 4th Grade – Highschool, where 40% of the kids were from other countries. I was always studying an instrument: piano, folk/classical guitar, and double bass.
I have a younger sister that lives in San Francisco, and she’s one of my best friends. We laugh a lot, and I give her tips on cooking.
I moved to FL where I worked as a chef in a hotel for 3 1/2 years, in downtown Clearwater. That’s where I received professional training, and passed a Sous Chef test. I worked with some amazing chefs, and I had a fabulous experience there. I moved back to NYC when my mother wasn’t doing well, and I needed to get her into a nursing home. Then I cooked for Whole Foods for 2 years. Almost 4 1/2 years ago I started my own business, and I work as a Personal Assistant / Chef / Housekeeper for affluent families. I’ve cooked many many meals, done all kinds of errands, taken care of pets, helped pack for vacations etc. I have often thought of myself as a “hired mom”. My work keeps me very busy, usually 50 hours a week, sometimes more, so I’m not home too much.
I was married for 16 years, and we lived most of that time in Minneapolis, MN. So I’ve lived in a variety of climates. I like NY the best.

Roommate Perk

I’m a pretty quiet room mate. I love to keep my room pretty, and full of textures. I’m a colorist, and have lots of prints on my walls. I love to cook, but keep my meals pretty simple – I usually cook in bulk, and freeze the items, like ground beef, and then thaw it as I need it. I’d be happy to show my room mates the basics of using a chef knife if they’re interested. I’m also very good at organizing, and have found clever ways to fit lots of stuff into small spaces.

The main common space I’ll use is the kitchen. Otherwise I’ll mostly be in my room.

Ideal roommate

My ideal room mates can either be men or women. I would prefer it if they have a positive attitude towards life, and don’t bitch & moan all the time. I know that’s tough with Covid. Cleanliness is important, but we’re also busy people. So I try at least to have things in their place, and then once or twice a week I’ll pick an area & clean it. I would like it if my room mates help keep the common areas looking nice, so we can all feel comfortable in our home.
The deal breakers are smoking in the apartment, doing drugs of any kind, and being a complete slob.

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