I am from Northern, VA right out side of DC. I was always interested in moving to big cities so I moved to Miami, didnt like it too much so I moved to NYC. I have been in NYC for one year now. I am 29 years old female. I like to socialize and check out new restaurants or events. But I am also very focus on building my real estate career. Currently I work as a real estate Coordinator. I work M-F 8AM to 6PM. On the weekdays I am usually at work all day then hang out in my room doing more work then sleep. Weekdays I am pretty much busy with work so I am pretty quiet just in my room. On weekends I like to go out to eat or check out a bar with friends. I keep the hang outs with friends outside of my home. I do not have guest come over, it is very rare if I bring people over. I like my home to be relaxed and more on the easy going quiet side. I dont mind if guest are over as long as they are mindful of noise and are not over every day. I dont want to have a room mate that is always bringing different people over or has a boyfriend that starts living with us part time. I am a very clean room mate when it comes to common areas. And I like things to be put away so the common areas do not look so messy. I do not smoke or do drugs and I prefer to live with others that do not smoke. I would like to live with people (male or female) who do not bring the party home, who are not bringing home new guys every weekend or what not. Someone who keeps the home for just the room mates and not all these extra friends coming in and out the house. And I really would like to live with CLEAN people and Considerate of noise…. knowing to not play music loud at 1AM on a weekday or knowing to not be loud with all their friends on a weekday at 1AM. I dont mind if guest are over, but I do like to live where room mates are quiet and considerate.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I am clean and easy going. I am not drama or loud or going to be bringing the party home constantly. I rarely have guest over if ever at all. I am also very friendly and can socialize when the time comes.

Ideal roommate

Ideal room mate would be CLEAN and RESPECTFUL of others. I wouldnt have to constantly remind them to pick up after their self or clean, they are mature and responsible enough to clean up after theirself and know not to play loud music if people are sleeping on the weeknights. Mature, room mates that are career focused moreso than partying and going out. Room mate that doesn not smoke as well.

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