My name is Ronnie Ng and I grew up in NYC. I am a Chinese-Malaysian American who grew up near Chinatown. Moved to Brooklyn for a few years, and have been living on Staten Island for the past 5 years; I just sold my house though, which is why I’m searching for apartments. I studied music in Hunter college and have been playing guitar for 15 years or so. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years. I am an environmental police officer, with a focus on the outdoors and protecting NYC’s water supply. I will be trying out for my department’s swat team in May as it has been a goal of mine since the first day of the academy. I’m a runner, swimmer, and rock climber. I am running the NYC Marathon this year for the first time with my department/co-workers and have future plans of being an ultra marathoner and marathon swimmer (open water?). I get excited about all forms of “Ultra” sports, taking yourself to the physical limit is what I call fun. I enjoy playing and always want to write music and get into progressive/EDM/house music. Big into raves and dream of leaving Law Enforcement to be a big time DJ. I am also a car enthusiast. I also have a 4 year old terrier/black Labrador mix. She is the joy of my life. I will show everyone photos of her! I’m a HUGE dog lover, I love all animals; I get to see all the wildlife that NY State has with my job which is amazing! My dog however is staying with my mother on Staten Island.

Roommate Perk

I’m a musician with a background in Jazz and know all of the city’s best Jazz clubs. I speak Chinese and am great to bring along whenever we are eating Chinese or Dim-Sum. I am always down to work out and exercise. I love mentoring and encouraging people. I believe the power of spoken word is understated. I also love teaching people all the things I know; how to play guitar or piano, how to drive, how to run, swim, and rock climb (guest pass for friends?!).

I work a lot and am also usually not home often. If I’m not working I’m training (running, climbing, etc). I generally keep to myself, I am naturally very introverted.

Ideal roommate

I am very laid back despite all the extreme stuff I’m into. I don’t have strong preferences besides not smoking cigarettes or marijuana. I appreciate communication amongst roommates about anything. I’m generally pretty organized. Most of my belongings will be in my own room or in a storage warehouse on Staten Island.

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