I’m born and raised in North Shore LI my entire life. I’m attending Pace University in the Fall to complete my Bachelors in Business Management. I love music, (I’ll be singing a lot), anything involving the arts and media and socializing as well as spending time outside. I love to clean and cook so I’ll probably wind up cheffing it up as much as I can. I’m also a good listener and I like to think I’m pretty funny so hopefully we’ll be cracking jokes as much as possible and also you can come to me about anything and I’ll never judge you.

Roommate Perk

I would love to live my “Friends” dream haha. Of course this is reality and also not the 90s, but I would like to be close with my roommates. If I have a bad day, I want to be able to come into your room and tell you about it and do the same for you.

Ideal roommate

Preferably women between 21-24 who are social, easygoing and funny, but also who are responsible enough to maintain their careers and lives. A dealbreaker for me would be someone who never comes out of their room or who is very “nit picky” for example, leaves one fork in the sink because it was “not their mess”. I would have no problem moving someone’s wash into the dryer for them if they weren’t home and small things like that, so I would like the same respect. Also cleanliness is a big thing for me, if your room is a mess that’s fine because it’s your room, but someone who leaves sticky mess in the kitchen or makes the place dirty for everyone is a no go.

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