I’m a 27 year old male hailing from the DC area. I recently graduated law school and accepted a job with the Legal Aid Society of NYC and will be working out of their Bronx office doing criminal defense. In my spare time I like to workout, game, play tennis, read, and write. I don’t have any pets and I’m not looking to get any anytime soon.

Roommate Perk

#myroommateperk is that I’m very low impact. Most of the time I keep to myself and don’t make much of a mess. I’m also a decent cook from what I’ve been told so if I’m in the mood I might whip up something to share with potential roommates.

Ideal roommate

I have no preference for roommates in terms of gender, race, or sexuality. Preferably someone like me who is a professional and about their business. Ideally they would share some interests with me but if they don’t then that’s fine; it just gives me a chance to be exposed to something new. They would need to be responsible and able to communicate when it came to addressing household needs like chores, or doing the dishes, etc. Any roommates I have would have to be LGBTQ+ friendly as I have friend and family members who are part of that community and I would want them to feel welcome if they were to come visit. An absolute dealbreaker would be a Republican roommate. After this recent election cycle I can’t live with someone who supports policies that go against so many of my core beliefs.

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