I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life. Born in New Haven, raised in Bridgeport, CT, then Orange, then Woodbridge. I started college at WestConn before transferring to SCSU, where I will be graduating from this month with a BA in Spanish. Now that I’m graduating, I want to move to my favorite city in the world. I have a job with Amazon secured and I’m ready to move to an apartment. I am also very close to completing a TEFL certificate and looking to starting teaching English as a second language within the next year.

Roommate Perk

I quiet and typically keep to myself, so you won’t be sending noise complaints. I also love cleaning and consider myself a clean person. I don’t drink or smoke or anything either. I have subscriptions to Netflix and ESPN that could be borrowed to watch movies or games. I also have a gaming PC on which we could play games together.

Ideal roommate

One that is relatively quiet like me and shares the same interests as me so we can, say, watch sports or play videogames on the TV together. Cleanliness is appreciated, but shouldn’t be a problem unless it is something extreme.

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